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This expansion is set to continue well into the future. The structure of the various households is changing rapidly. The number of people living alone is set to increase dramatically in the coming decade. Groningen is a community full of young, highly educated talent. Over half of the city’s residents are under 35. The number of inhabitants with a medium to higher level of education tops 85 per cent. Given this backdrop, it is hardly surprising Groningen is recognised as an international city of knowledge: a city of talent hosting ample innovative, knowledge-intensive activities and knowledge and educational institutes.

Available datasets

Number of residents

De growth between 2018 and 2019 is because the expanding of the municipality with Haren and Ten Boer. (more than 29.000 residents)
Laatste update: 2019-01-04

Age of the residents (2018)

Laatste update: 2018-01-11

Education level (2017)

Laatste update: 2018-01-11

Number of households

Laatste update: 2018-01-11

Type of households

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Income of households

Average yearly income (€)
Laatste update: 2019-02-14