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Catering opportunities are expanding in Groningen. New catering concepts, for example retail/catering combinations, have led to a spread of thirty new catering outlets in Groningen city. These establishments have been made possible following the new 'Inner city' zoning plan, which included the opportunity for 'daytime catering'. Establishments operating with a 'daytime catering' license are obliged to align their opening times with the Trading Hours Act. This has given rise to a number of new companies in and around Broerplein and the Harmonie complex. 

The increase of foreign students in Groningen has also resulted in different kinds of lunch cafes. Foreign students often prefer a hot meal at lunchtime. As well as increasing facilities this has encouraged a more innovative approach to catering. The number of venues offering specialist services has also risen. Coffee houses which also market equipment and beans, sushi restaurants, etc. are all doing well.

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