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Groningen is the economic powerhouse of the North of the Netherlands and an internationally recognised city of knowledge.

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Groningen benefits from a powerful economy. For example, multinational IBM chose to locate to our beautiful city centre. The 2017 Technology Fast 50 lists no less than seven Groningen based enterprises. The economy is constantly on the move and Groningen is steadily developing. From isolated mounds to fortified strongholds, from peat bogs to natural gas, from Hanseatic city to knowledge city, from ship yards to digital work environments. And the future? Towards wind energy at sea and hydrogen. On an average working day you’ll find about twice as many people occupying Groningen than actually live in the city. Around 185,000 people commute every day into Groningen, a clear illustration of the connection between city and region.

Education, care, SMEs and the service sector provide the muscle behind our economy. There are 154,400 people employed in the city, along with a total of 100,000 trainees and students. This means we have the potential of being the education city in the Netherlands. Despite little manufacturing, there are no less start-ups and self-employed individuals. Groningen enjoys a highly successful start-up culture; just one reason the city is a hot spot for start-ups in the northern provinces.

We have an above average number of start-up activities when compared to other cities in the country. Groningen is the administrative centre for the North of the Netherlands, and the driver for development and employment region wide. The city centre proves an irresistible magnet for shoppers, tourists and (young, hip) companies. Groningen has carved a firm place in the top three Dutch retail destinations.

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